Until a long time ago speaking of “cash register” was just something with the function of making calculations and issuing receipts by typing the product name and amount in the key. “POS cash register”, which is now becoming mainstream, installs the app on the tablet device and connect it to the net, you can centrally manage information other than the account. This time we will summarize the benefits and things you can do at the POS System checkout in the beauty salon.

Do I need to introduce a POS register in the beauty salon?

Even now there will be many beauty salons that still use the old-fashioned cashier. If the exchange of money with the customer is smooth, and the necessary information for accounting is left by the receipt, it may not be a problem for management. However, many benefits can be obtained by implementing a POS register, and not introducing a POS register can lead to a lot of loss of opportunity.

The Internet Society has evolved rapidly, and everyone can shop with a single smartphone.

What is the merit of the POS register that is not in the ordinary cash register?

Hairdressers offer extraordinary space, so they are united with stylish interiors. I would like to keep that atmosphere until the last time of accounting. The register of Salon POS system is installed and operated from the tablet terminal, so you can install it without breaking the fashionable atmosphere of the beauty salon.

In addition to accounting functions, the biggest advantage is the ability to centrally manage customer management such as reservation system functions and medical reports, sales management, and inventory management by staff. This data needs to be stored for several years due to accounting, but it requires space to store files containing lots of documents, etc.

Since all data from the past to the present are stored on the device, it is also secure and connected to security measures. Depending on the POS register system, it is equipped with functions to issue coupons and points, collaborate with customer management data, and issue mail magazines. Not only it is convenient, but also by having a function to send to customers, the repeat rate and sales increase.

Customers at the point of sale are also convenient

Use the “Reservation Management” system at the point of sale to make your reservation convenient. Previously, it was common for customers to call the store to check the vacant space and make a reservation. But people are to do with their hands, so sometimes there are mistakes such as double reservations. Also, you may not be able to make calls during shop hours, and you will also make bills for phone calls.

With a reservation system, you can make a reservation for free at your convenience, even if it is late at night. The fewer reservation calls, the less waiting for the customer during the treatment, so it can be a benefit for the staff. Benefits are born to all customers during and before visiting the store.

Motivation at POS? Analysis Effect

Typical analysis features in POS checkout include customer record and inventory management. Customer management can be set more detailed than traditional ones and can be managed firmly such as customer segments by staff, weather and time, individual customer preferences. “Grasp my preferences” leads to the trust of the store, so we can expect the increase of fixed customers, and we can also anticipate the motivation of staff UP. With detailed inventory management, you can manage sales of stores and analyze which products are selling, and you can make efficient ordering.

Cost savings at POS!

The ability to manage customers and inventory at the POS register eliminates the need to deploy a separate system. By using inventory management data, you can reduce over-order and reduce costs. Using analytic data from the POS register, staff hours can also be changed. For example, by analyzing staff sales by hour, you can adjust shifts. Costs and precautions to introduce POS cash registers

We have been focusing on the merits of POS checkout so far, but from here let’s focus on the costs that are worried about. In conclusion, the cost of implementation and running depends on the system. For example, some systems have a free initial cost and only a monthly fee, while others have more than 6000 Dollars as an initial cost. As a caveat, do not select a system without comparing products.

So why is the amount so different? The difference in the amount is based on the features and the support system. It can be said that systems with high initial costs tend to receive extensive support. If you can capture the features that your store needs, you may be able to deploy them at a lower price.

Many products are equipped with customer management, reservation management, and functions analysis in addition to the function as a cashier. Some products are perfect for people who want to align from scratch, such as a system that is also a PC set. Of course, different systems have different accuracy and usage. Since it is a system that will be involved in future operations, it is important to compare firmly before introducing so that you don’t decide only by looking at the price.

POS is a treasure crumble?!

There is a lot of loss of opportunity lost by not introducing a POS register, but implementing a system is not an easy task in itself. After all, it is often not possible to implement without using support. Also, as an event that happens, although it is good to introduce a POS register with a lot of functions, staff cannot use the POS register, do not use the available functions, etc. For all the staff to use the POS Checkout, they also need to make their learning time. It can be said that it is an important element to arrange a firmly usable environment.

The risk of communication failure is also unique to the POS register.

It is not the only point of sale, but it is better to keep in mind the risks associated with the evolution of the Internet society. Unlike conventional checkout that can be used only by turning on the power, in case of communication failure, an analog response is required.

Let’s introduce a POS register that fits your own salon!

However, if the customer is not on the spot, such as granting points to the app of the customer’s smartphone, it may be annoying to the customer and need another response. Besides, there will be times when the POS register is not available due to system maintenance. At these times, there is a risk of not being able to work at the point of sale. Let’s introduce a POS register that fits your salon!

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